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The quality policy

The quality policy of Hypokramed company

Our vision:
As a traditional supplier of medical equipment our aim lies in achieving and maintaining an important position in the medical equipment market, particularly in the area of realization and equipping entire operating theatres, medical technologies supplies and extending our activities by carrying out constructions of medical and social facilities.

The implementation of our services in international markets represents an integral part of our vision.

Our commitment to the customers:

  • In a significant way we contribute to the augment of our customers’ competitive strength
  • Providing our customers and end users with top-quality services is our priority.
  • We develop our professional know-how in accordance with the needs of our customers and users in connection with current market demands.
  • We try to develop long-term and reciprocally favourable partner relations with our customers.

The management of the company is fully aware of the fact that while implementing the mentioned targets and providing other services, we can also have an effect on the environment, which must be preserved, along with safety and health of workers. What must be minimized are all the negative effects on the environment, safety and health of workers, for that reason the requirements of the environmental management as well as of the OBZP are also included in the company management quality.

Our company’s permanent policy includes:

  • the priority in the area of quality is a satisfied customer; his/her satisfaction subsequently affects every new order,
  • the path to customer satisfaction runs through implementing reliability in the whole process of order execution,
  • all our employees have their share of process management and decisions clearly specified,
  • we intend to minimize consumption and reduce superfluous expenses in all parts of component processes,
  • providing customers with top-quality, reliable and complex solutions is a result of all our principles.