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About us

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear business partners,

2024 is the thirty first anniversary of Hypokramed Ltd. The company operates in the medical technology market.

We managed to successfully carry out many important supplies of medical equipment to our customers’ full satisfaction in the passed period, particularly completion units concerning architectonic and engineering activities as well as technical consultancy. We are a stable, experienced and ever-developing business subject in this field.

The main objective and efforts of Hypokramed s.r.o. company remain in satisfying medical facilities, particularly in the area of the production and supply of technologies regarding built-in operating theatres and their complete fitting with appropriate medical equipment as well as supply of central sterilization equipment and appliances for many medical workplaces, which use various types of display methods.

In compliance with the most modern development trends, we aim at improving the functionality and performance economy of medical equipment. Therefore, the basic range of medical equipment business portfolio of Hypokramed s.r.o. company is continually topped up as well as modified by innovated and new products.

Our everyday activities are extended by engineering activities and related technical advisory service, involving coordination and implementation of investment complexes in the field of medical equipment. All of that is carried out in connection with relevant technological projects, i.e. within new construction or reconstruction of operating theatres or even selected parts of hospitals.

For the forthcoming period, the main priority of Hypokramed s.r.o. company’s team remains to provide you – our existing and future partners, with goods and services of top quality, including also education and special marketing activities.