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Technical characteristic of CRC built-in operating theatres 

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The modular disposition of built-in operating theatres enables various uses. It is a pre-engineered modular system with a modern conceptual solution of built-in and functional components made of a range of materials corresponding with current trends and standards. The built-in operating theatres are suitable particularly for new construction as well as for reconstruction or extending the existing facilities.

The complete realization is based on our own manufacture. The fast and easy realization results in maximal time saving and therefore minimizing possible extra realization costs. CRC built-in operating theatres represent a highly functional solution designed upon exact knowledge of the particular environment and requirements of the user.

The built-in operating theatres meet high hygienic and functional standards. Due to their removable panels there is easy access to professional installations in case of necessary repairs or other adjustments on one side and straightforward installation of new appliances and technologies on the other. Besides the area of the operating theaters, the modular system also provides the possibility to deal with their background.

In case that the operating theatre should include an X-ray apparatus or any other radiating technology, the operating theatre will naturally be solved technologically and construction-wise against leakage of X-rays or laser radiation including integrated warning components.

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