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... The construction was carried out using enormous perfectly worked granite blocks without the use of grout. The stonemasons worked every block in such a way that it had a higher amount of rectangular edges. The blocks interlocked together so accurately that not even a knife blade could be passed between them. After fitting into masonry, they thus became another building stone of a massive puzzle. Such a construction considerably increased the stability of a wall, which plays an important role in tectonically unsettled areas such as the Andes. ...

HYPOKRAMED company is a traditional and experienced supplier of sophisticated built-in operating theatres, hybrid operating theatres and multiple-function operating theatres under the trade name of CRC ® HYPOKRAMED, which provides the following services within their complete supplies:

  • Consultations, planning conception draft.
  • Documentation processing.
  • The management of sub-supplies.
  • Complete realization based on manufacture controlled by us using the most modern technologies.
  • Delivery, assembly, installation.
  • Putting into operation, training.
  • Maintenance service.
  • Renewal.

CRC ® HYPOKRAMED built-in operating theatres are designed and realized in such a way so that they meet the users’ demands to a maximum, resulting in a practical solution based on perfect knowledge of the environment and qualities of individual components.

Subsequently the BALANCE AND STABILITY are guaranteed, like the world of nature.

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